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09/17/15 08:31 AM #50    

Ramona Finch (Boese)

Good morning, All!  Glad to learn you had a wonderful time at the reunion!  Now....a pair of brown sunglasses were given  me after Friday evening, and I am so very sorry I did not say anything Saturday. Where was my brain???!!!   They were left in the photo booth, and I will gladly send them back to you as soon as I know whose they are!!!  Stay well, All....R

09/17/15 09:57 AM #51    


Kathy Ellis (Penkert) are the BEST!  Those are my sunglassess and I will send Dan over to your place sometime over the next few days.  I am not able to come up to the lakes until late next week but he is coming up today.  On Sunday, we looked all over our place at the lakes for those glasses, I called Boji Bay, I called Kent and Lynn to see if they were in their rental I assumed that they fell in the parking lot and were crushed by a car!!!  You have made my day as those were prescription and I need them to see.  Also while I have the floor, thanks for all the work that you and the rest of the committee put in on the events...the details that you went to I appreciate...the name tags, your book keeping and paying the bills, the  directory, the table arrangments, the photobooth, the trip to Toby's, the slide show, the "program", etc.  I have to admit that the whole thing was alittle overwhelming to me as there were so many people to talk with, I did not know where to start.  Thanks again and I will have Dan call you to see what time would work for you,  Kathy Ellis Penkert. 

09/17/15 12:09 PM #52    


Douglas Jones


This is from Frank Fitzlof and was buried on the Annoucement page and I wanted to be sure that everybody saw it!


To my '65 SHS classmates; Thanks to all the attendees for taking the time to celebrate this milestone occasion and special thanks to the "committee" who put forth the effort to plan, organize and execute... congratulations on your success.
Just seeing, talking and observing your interactions with one another reminded me again of how fortunate I (we) were to have grown up in such a tight knit community of midwestern values. Those values were reinforced each and every day we spent together throughout elementary, junior and high school in Spencer, IA. I truly feel those values have guided me throughout my life and, in a large part, have contributed to the good fortunes, successes and joys I have enjoyed.
I wish to express my gratitude to all of you for being in my life, then, now and into the future.  Frank

09/18/15 10:10 PM #53    


Glenn (Butch) Scott

Thanks once again to all who made such a great reunion possible, it was just the best ... and thanks again for making an "ex officio" member feel so welcome ... deep down I'm a Spencer kid, an Iowan, and I always will be ...


09/18/15 10:41 PM #54    


Sheran Annis (Hehn)

Thank all of you on the "committee"and all that helped to pull this 50 year reunion together. We had an amazing time and I love that my husband, Rich has as much fun as I do. Sheran Annis Hehn



09/23/15 04:27 PM #55    

Joey Coverdale

I was disappointed that my cell phone number was omitted from the directory. I would so appreciate if you would post it or somehow get it out there. Joey - 206-370-9502 THKS!

09/24/15 11:18 AM #56    

Alice Bellows (Williams)

Thanks to everyone who made the reunion such a fantastic success!  Clem and I both had a great time.

Alice (Bellows) Williams

09/24/15 12:16 PM #57    

Ramona Finch (Boese)

Good day, All.  Thought I'd let you know what our expenses and current balance are....some folks are interested!  We spent $4,489.62 at the Boji Ravilion, $1,120.32 at the Spencer Golf and Country Club, printing and mailing cost about $430.  We started with a little over $1K in the account, deposited a little over $5K (reservations).  With the amount you donated at the golf course ($920), our balance is now $1,215.36.  Now, I am off by $10.00, but I ran the numbers rather rapidly....and I will have a bank statement shortly, so I will find my error then.   I think it's very important for you to be knowledgeable of where we stand.  I cannot think of any expenses other than flowers that we will need to spend our sheckles on. (Just so you know...if a preposition ends a sentence, it's an adverb....or so I taught....HA!)  Oh...I returned Bruce Johnson's reservation to his wife, Deb; she was greatly appreciative. 

On another note, I have received a letter of appreciation from Bob Cloud's wife about the dontaion to the Semper Fi Fund we made in Bob's name because it had been mentioned a donation to a military entity was preferred.  Her note to the class was celebrating Bob's birthday month.  Stay well, All.....R 

09/24/15 01:53 PM #58    

Joey Coverdale

Thanks Sandra for not giving up on me! I so appreciate all you did for the reunion! You have your life back! I am glad that people can now call me. I would not want to miss out on seeing someone who may be traveling to Seattle! I promise to give the best tour!

09/24/15 04:27 PM #59    


Douglas Jones

Hey all   Check out the 50th Reunion Photo Gsllery on the left, feel free to add more photos!

09/25/15 11:24 PM #60    


David Lovitt (Lovitt)

Should any of you be anywhere near Monterey, TN, be sure to give Donn Vance a shout.  He and his lovely wife, Linda have been great hosts to the Lovitts the past two nights and their "round" house has to be seen to be believed.  Donn and Linda seem to relish visitors and heartily approved me making this post inviting y'all to stop by.  It was raining today but I will try to get a few pictures to post tomorrow.

10/12/15 10:27 AM #61    


John Rose

As the Iowa Hawkeyes pile up victories this year, remember Bruce Johnson, who was the ultimate Hawkeye fan.

04/20/16 11:04 AM #62    


John Rose

Lois and I just had an enjoyable lunch date with Doug and Pat Jones in the East Village in Davenport, where we are babysitting our grandchildren for a week. It was great catching up and discussing fishing with Doug while Lois and Pat talked about anything but fishing.

04/22/16 10:28 AM #63    


Douglas Jones

Indeed we did John, it was great to catch up with you and Lois.

01/02/20 09:45 PM #64    

Clinton Brausey

I need to let everyone know that my wife, Wanda butler brausey, class of 67, passed away on dec 31, 2019, in Norfolk Nebraska of cancer.  Passed quietly thank god for hospice. Service is on Monday. Internment at a later date 

01/03/20 09:16 AM #65    


Norman K Pixler

Deepest sympathy on the passing of your wife Wanda. Prayers 

01/03/20 01:31 PM #66    


Bruce Townsend

Clinton, my sympathies on the loss of your wife.  May she rest in peace.

01/04/20 10:54 AM #67    

Marcia Howe (Arnold)

Clinton, so sorry for the loss of your wife, Wanda.

01/04/20 05:06 PM #68    


David Lovitt (Lovitt)

My condolences.  

08/14/22 04:41 PM #69    


Bruce Townsend

David L. Meyer

March 27, 1947 ~ August 12, 2022 (age 75)

Obituary & Services

Tribute Wall3



          Dave passed away on August 12, 2022.  He married his best friend, Pamela (Miller) Meyer on August 22, 1965.

          A celebration of his life will be held at 10:30 A.M. on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at Christ’s Family Church, 4601 Utica Ridge Rd. in Davenport.

          His enjoyment in life was his career as a civil engineer and developing residential properties in the Quad Cities.  He enjoyed fishing and participating in church activities.  Dave’s pride and joy were his two children and his five grandchildren.

          He is survived by his wife, Pam; his daughter, Kris (Doug) McDonald; his son, Matt (Amy) Meyer; his niece, Carsha Meyer; as well as his grandchildren, Madison, Nathan, Josh, Jake and Justin.

          Memorials may be made to the family for a fund to be established at the Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation for graduating seniors choosing to continue their education as a Civil Engineer.

To send flowers to the family, please visit our floral store.



August 16, 2022
10:30 AM
Christ's Family Church
4601 Utica Ridge Road
Davenport, Iowa 52807

08/15/22 02:22 PM #70    


Norman K Pixler

Deepest sympathy to Dave Meyers family. Prayers 

09/06/22 12:31 PM #71    

John Kiger (Class Of 64)

If someone has contact info for Pam (Miller) Meyers, please let me know.  One of our 1964 ladies would like to contact her.  Thanks.

John Kiger, 218-850-0192

12/19/22 04:46 PM #72    


Sandra Ott (Fisk)


Information for Pam Miller Meyer:

23809 Great River Road

LeClaire, Iowa 52753

Mobile phone: (563) 349-1103


As you know, her husband David, my Classmate SHS 1965, died after a short illness of Ca one 8/6/2022. It is a crushing and difficult time for Pam.  Any supportive contact from her classmates is needed and would be helpful.


Sandra Ott Fisk




12/20/22 08:23 AM #73    

Marcia Howe (Arnold)

Sandra, thank you for letting us know. I'm so sorry for Pam and her family. Very thoughtful of you.💕

06/22/24 07:39 PM #74    

Delores Hedge (Olson)

Please post any information about the flooding in Spencer.. Thanks

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