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10/21/14 02:16 PM #22    


Douglas Jones

Okoboji Classic Cars   

These aren't just murals. This is an actual recreation of Downtown Grand Avenue in Spencer on one side and Arnolds Park and the Roof Garden on the other.  It is a must see and will bring back a rush of memories and your will be blown away by the realism.m.


10/21/14 02:52 PM #23    


Linda Wilbur (Grifhorst)

Doug, Norman, Leslie and anyone else I may have missed,

Thanks for creating the Class of 1965 Web site and your efforts to make our reunion desirable & so easy to attend.  Made my reservation at The Inn today!


10/21/14 03:35 PM #24    

Michael Raftery

I will second both Sandra's  and Doug's suggestion the when up at the Lake you must see Toby Shine's Classic Car attraction. Its totally amazing and brings back a lot of ole memories.

11/08/14 04:30 PM #25    


David Lovitt (Lovitt)

Calling all hands:

In order to make this reunion a success we need updated addresses, phone numbers, spouse names and email addresses for a lot of our classmates.  If you have any, please post.  If you would rather keep private, email to  I promise to keep all info confidential.

David L. 


11/09/14 07:29 AM #26    

Marcia Howe (Arnold)

What a neat venue! I can't wait to see it. I know my husband will love it! I too am working on addresses for the reunion. My email is if you want to communicate with me. Hope to hear from you!

11/11/14 09:35 AM #27    

Linda Lancaster (Morrison)

Thank you everyone already heavily involved in this reunion.  Great job. Looking forward to the planned events.


11/11/14 07:17 PM #28    


David Lovitt (Lovitt)

I sent an email blast Sunday asking for updated information.  Even if you think we have your current info, please respond with current address, email, phone number and spouse name.  It will remain confidential.


David Lovitt

11/14/14 05:14 PM #29    


David Lovitt (Lovitt)

I have figured out how to post your graduation picture on this site.  See my profile for an example.  I figure if I can post my dorky picture, you can post your's too.  If you want me to post your's, send me a private message (once again from my profile page) and I'll get to it.  It may take a little while as Thanksgiving will be a little busy for me; but I will "git er done"! 

12/12/14 05:36 PM #30    


Douglas Jones

Word comes to us today of the untimely passing of our friend and classmate Robert Cloud.  According to a posting on his sister Becky's class website, Bob passed away as a result of complications from a severe allergic reaction to a medication.  We will post more details as we learn them.

12/12/14 09:23 PM #31    


Douglas Jones

We are deeply saddened to share the news that Bob Cloud, a faithful and long-time member of our community, died this morning. He was the leader of our Stephen Ministry and a regular at Bible study and adult forum, but he was also a regular volunteer at Love INC and the Veterans' Administration. He was a man of great compassion, patience, prayer, and devotion. He enriched our community in ways great and small and he taught me [Pastor Ben] a lot about what it means to live as a Christian. He will be very deeply missed. 

The family has asked that we refrain from calling or visiting for the time being. Funeral arrangements will be announced when they are finalized. Thank you all for your prayers for them. Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.

12/25/14 07:23 AM #32    

Marcia Howe (Arnold)

Wow! You have had quite a year. It all sounds wonderful.

Last night we had our Christmas Eve celebration with our children and grandchildren at our home. It was so much fun! Today Nick and I are "chilling" and may take in a movie. It will be nice to have a quiet day together.

Best wishes to all and a very Merry Christmas!



12/26/14 01:55 PM #33    

Michael Raftery

Marcia, You too have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hope to see you in September.

12/30/14 08:16 PM #34    


Gregory Andersen

12/30/14 08:19 PM #35    


Gregory Andersen

this video Memorial Day was written and is sang by one of my best friends.  He is a Vietnam Vet that I went to corps school with and we shared an apartment prior to our time in Vietnam.  I put some borrowed pictures and pictures of my own to this very haunting song.  I listen to it every Memorial Day and shed a few tears. 

12/31/14 07:16 AM #36    


Charlene Smith (Radcliffe)

Thank you, thank you, Greg, for this short but very moving video! We must NEVER forget our men who gave so much and so many who gave everything for our precious freedom. We have to keep this alive for the generations to come, because I  believe that history-where we have been- is the best lesson to know where we are headed in the future. Your friend has a beautiful voice, and I too was weeping by the end of the video-very touching. You and Maria have a blessed New Year.

12/31/14 11:18 AM #37    


Gregory Andersen

Thanks Charlene and Sandra.  David, the singer and and the friend that wrote this song, was a very talented individual.  Prior to going to Vietnam, he and I spent a lot of time in coffee shops with him playing the guitar and singing.  He was top of our corps school class and had the highest score ever.  I totally expected him to pursue the medical field after his stint in the military.  Alas Vietnam was not kind to David.  He was wounded in action, but the greater problem was servere PTSD. I think David was just too sensitive to deal with the horrors of war. He is currently 100% disabled, but still has managed to do his music for the past 40+ years.I read something the other day that 1/3 of the Vietnam Vets that served in combat, have already passed on. 


12/31/14 06:01 PM #38    

Stan Smith


Greg, I served in VN from June 68 to Oct 70 with an assault helicopter unit for two years, two months and two days and maybe two hours, two minutes and to seconds as well. I would like to communicate with you and other VN veteran classmates to share our experiences there but I am not sure this forum is one to do so. My email address is Thank you for your service, Greg!


8 to Oct 70. 

12/31/14 06:33 PM #39    


David Lovitt (Lovitt)

Thanks for posting this, Greg.  I escaped Viet Nam relatively unscathed but will never forget watching the radar screen as the HMS Melbourne sliced the USS Evans in half during a SEATO operation in 1969.  It still shakes me when I think that it could have easily been my ship instead as we were performing the exact same duty (plane guarding) earlier that day.  

01/01/15 12:31 PM #40    


Nancy Pearsall (Gilbert)


Thanks so much for posting this video. One way or the other, the Vietnam War shaped all of our generation's lives, but for those of you who were actually there, the experiences were/are life altering. We all probably have some wounds from that war though, and it seems we have to remember and feel the pain in order to re-member ourselves and move forward. This song and video are one pathway to more healing I think.


All the Best in 2015.


01/01/15 01:00 PM #41    


Norman K Pixler

I wasn't so lucky while in nam; but I would do it again if requested. I received most of my education from the service and an opportunity to be sucessful along with protecting my country . I couldn't have asked for more!!

Thanks for the video  

01/01/15 05:05 PM #42    


John Rose

We saw an indie film in Santa Fe this past week while visiting our daughter which I would strongly recommend. It is called The Better Angels and is about Abe Lincoln's boyhood and his relationship between his step mother and him. As I get older, I keep thinking about our perception of time. When I graduated from high school in 1965, we were 100 years removed from Lincoln's assasination, and it seemed a gulf almost impossble to imagine. This year at December we observed the one year anniversary of the death of my mother in law who was born 100 years ago. Now 100 years does not seem so long. And thinking about Greg's video (which I was unable to watch because I have to update adobe flash), we are farther removed from Viet Nam than we were from WW2 in 1965. 

02/04/15 06:29 PM #43    


Gregory Andersen

Geez, I posted the video and then failed to check for responses, sorry.  Thank you for the kind responses that you posted.  I am not very talented in putting music to pictures/movies, but this was pretty easy.  Since I posted this song, I received a call from the singer/songwriter.  He is doing pretty well, but 100% disabled with PTSD. He is still playing music and has migrated from his early Folk Music days when we hung out together to Old Sea Shanty music and old Irish music.  Again thanks for posting your responses.

03/14/15 11:37 PM #44    


Douglas Jones














Class of 1965


September 11 & 12, 2015



* Friday, September 11, 2015

Time: 4 to 6:30 pm-Tour of Okoboji Classic Cars (Nominal admission at the door.)

            Location: 810 Jepperson Road, north of Milford, Iowa

6:00 pm FYI: Put your glad rags on because a group photo is being arranged by Peter Burk

Time: 6:30 to Closing- Boji Bay Fun House and Pavilion

            Buffet dinner ~ $30 per person   (Cash bar available)

            Location: 2101 Boji Bend Drive, north of Milford, Iowa


* Saturday, September 12, 2015

Times: 4:30-6:00pm – Social time/Happy hour, Spencer Country Club, 518 First Ave. East, Spencer


6:00pm Hearty hors d oeuvres’ served buffet style. $20   (Cash bar available.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Send this portion with your check to: Ramona Finch Boese, 1889 210th St., Milford, Iowa 51351

Make your check payable to: Ramona Boese, Class of 1965 and check the box/es you are paying for.


 Text Box:  $50 per person for both evenings, The Directory is included free.      Your name: _______________________________


 Text Box:  $30 per person Friday buffet dinner at Boji Bay Pavilion                  Guest’s name: ____________________________


 Text Box:  $20 per person Saturday hearty hors d oeuvres’                              Today’s date: ____________________________


 Text Box:  $20 The Directory only.                                     DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING: AUGUST 1, 2015



Everyone is responsible for arrangements of overnight accommodations. Here are two places that have given our 50th Reunion special rates for the nights of Sept. 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2015. Book your room as early as possible as Fair goers do fill up these venues.

•The Inn at Okoboji ( 3301 Lakeshore Dr. Spirit Lake, Iowa:  Rooms are $90.00 a night. Contact person is Sherri Steele @ 712-332-2113. Leave a message, they will call you back. The Inn is closed in winter.

•Village West ( 20785 170th Street, Spirit Lake, Iowa.  Rooms are $85 a night. Tell Rose that you are with the group Spencer Tigers Class of 1965. Contact person is Rose @ 712-337-3223 Ext. 453

For further information be sure to follow the class Website: http://www.spencertigers1965 

If there are last minute changes it will be posted on the Website.

This is the only notice you will receive by the US postal service.

Please send in your money to Ramona by August 1, 2015. There are fees that need to be paid ahead of time.

August 1, 2015 is the deadline for registering for the Reunion.

04/20/15 08:26 AM #45    


Norman K Pixler

I would certainly like to see all our classmates..

This is our 50th !!  We may not get an opportunity to see everyone again!!

The three days are filled with fun and entertainment !

05/11/15 08:39 PM #46    


Sheran Annis (Hehn)

Always a great time to celebrate!

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